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    Thank you all for your feedback and votes!

    As an update, this feature is still planned and is on our backlog. It is working it’s way up our backlog, but we haven’t scheduled work for it yet. We will keep you updated and update this thread as soon as we start development!

    The Planner Team

    Anonymous commented  · 

    Being the only person managing my company's SharePoint Online site, I have several tasks I do on a reoccurring basis. Run stats every month, run a security check every week, etc. Having a system in place where I can document this, receive a reminder to do it but also help my manager to see what i actually do by documenting it all in one place would be extremely helpful. I thought Planner would be that place. Apparently not. Hopefully soon it will be more useful to me.

    Anonymous commented  · 

    Any project and/or team has tasks that need to be done on a reoccurring basis. This really should have been included in the product upon release.

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